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  • New Site Coordinator: Monica Zavala - Welcome Monica! This week we welcome Monica Zavala to the Affinity family as our new Site Coordinator for Southwest Community Campus (SWCC)! She brings with her 7 years of experience working in the Grand Rapids’ Hispanic community. Her focus has been on developing programs that help students and families discover their strengths and overcome challenges. ...continue reading
  • Board Member, Mentor, and Donor: Maddie’s Story - Board Member, Mentor, and Partner: Maddie’s Story By Rachel Lopez A big smile and bigger heart, Madeline (Maddie) Aguillon is a long-time mentor, donor, and board member for Affinity. She has a long history of empowering and engaging the local Hispanic community in Grand Rapids. During her time as a student at Grand Valley State ...continue reading
  • Affinity Welcomes New Interns! - Welcome Ariel and Annalise!  This week we welcomed the newest members to our team, Ariel Simaz and Annalise Piazza! Ariel Simaz  Ariel will be interning with us for the fall and winter semesters. She is earning a Bachelor’s of Social Work from Grand Valley State University. She’s looking forward to learning the ins and outs of ...continue reading
  • A Mentor Story: Marissa and Nancy - A Mentor Story: Marissa and Nancy By Rachel Lopez Nancy quietly slides into the seat next to me, she timidly looks up and asks me my name. I tell her my name is Rachel and that I work for Affinity Mentoring. She immediately looks more relieved. I tell her that I want to learn more ...continue reading
  • Program Alumna and Affinity Staff: Angela’s Story - Wearing her favorite pair of converse sneakers Angela lugs her rolly backpack up the last few steps. She loves school. A little timid and shy, but she absolutely loves reading. Her favorite book is Junie B. Jones is a Graduation Girl. She wants to do well in school, make her parents proud and their sacrifices ...continue reading
  • Mentor, Donor, and Partner: David’s Story - Mentor, Donor, and Partner: David's Story By Rachel Lopez “Richy has a soft heart, a real soft heart. I love this kid,” smiles Dave. Over the past 7 years they have developed a deep bond, “We did a little bit of academics and a lot of playing - he’s a pretty self-motivated kid. He’s probably ...continue reading
  • Mentor and Donor: Alicia’s Story - Mentor and Donor: Alicia's Story By Rachel Lopez Born and raised in Grand Rapids, Alicia went to Kenowa Hills and a private Catholic school. However, she didn’t feel like she fit into any standard box. Her father is Mexican and her mother is Irish. There was often a cross-over between her two cultures, both emphasizing ...continue reading
  • Mentor Match: Larry and Jovany - A Mentor Story: Larry and Jovany By Rachel Lopez Sitting at table next to each other, just outside of Affinity’s Mentor Center at Burton Elementary School, is Jovany and Larry. Although they might be from different backgrounds, generations, and zip codes, they are brought together by their love for learning, geography, and playing Yahtzee. Excitedly, ...continue reading

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