• One hour. Once a week.

    Meet with a mentor to help with homework, talk about what’s happening in
    your life, or just play games. Your mentor is there to support you at every step.

  • Impact A Child’s Life

    Mentoring is a mutually beneficial experience that will leave a lasting
    impression as you build a relationship with each other.

  • Big change starts small.

    Join this comprehensive team of people who are devoted to journeying
    alongside the children in our community.

  • Support youth in our community.

    Your gift will not only help students academically, but it’ll also give them
    the social and emotional support they need to work towards a positive future.


The Affinity Mentoring Program

Affinity Mentoring was born as a non-profit organization [501c3] in 2016. We are working to improve student’s academic achievement, self-esteem, social skills and avoidance of problematic behavior by providing a positive relationship with a caring adult mentor who works to support youth in achieving their potential.


  • Burton Elementary

    Grand Rapids, MI

    Located in SE Grand Rapids, Burton Elementary is home to some of the most under-resourced children in Grand Rapids, with…

  • Burton Middle School

    Grand Rapids, MI

    Burton Middle School is located on the South side of Grand Rapids. The facility houses both Burton Elementary and Burton Middle…

  • Southwest Community Campus

    Grand Rapids, MI

    Southwest Community Campus [SWCC] is located on the Southwest side of Grand Rapids in a historic school building. The school…

  • What Our People Say

    Vanessa went up 31 points on her Math test today! That is seriously incredible! She went from beginning second grade level to middle of the year third grade math level in just 4 months. It takes a village and you are a very important part of her village.”

  • What Our People Say

    “My mentor has helped me because when I got in trouble this year, we talked about it together.”

    5th Grade Mentee

  • What Our People Say

    When I asked my student what he learned from his mentor, he said, without skipping a beat, “He shows me how to use manners and be respectful. He told me that I’m good. He told me not to believe anyone who says I’m not.”

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