Annual Process for Data and Evaluation

Annual Process for Data and Evaluation

July 2021

Revising Data Collection

Based on the data from the 2020-2021 Community Listening Project we have included accurate and varied data as a key factor in our decision making processes in our 2021-2023 Strategic Plan. As we have taken the past year to confirm and refine what this new data process will be we have considered:

  • Including and highlighting student voices and needs
  • Including and highlighting  community/partner voices and needs
  • Having accurate longitudinal and year-to-year comparative data
  • Including quantitative and qualitative data
  • Ensuring that we are studying data points that we have impact over and can use to improve our programming
  • Ensuring that we are supplementing our school partners and their incredible work, not overlapping it

Annual Data Collection and Presentation Process

With this in mind, we are thrilled to present to you our new, yearly data collection and presentation process that will be entirely in effect beginning this 2021-2022 mentoring year. The data from each of these will strictly follow all rules and laws around confidentiality, including FERPA and HIPAA laws, but will be made appropriately public on our website under our Reports page:


  • Developmental Assets ProfilePre-programming assessment administered to mentees 4th-8th grade focusing on beneficial relationships and Social Emotional Learning.
  • Annual Report: Previous year programming and financial data.


  • Community Listening Project: Community feedback on whether our work is needed and desired in the community and how best to accomplish it .


  • Mentoring Feedback Survey: Administered to ALL mentees, mentors, teachers, and parents/guardians who participate in Affinity Mentoring (we administered a partial survey for the 2020-2021 school year as a trial).
  • Developmental Assets ProfilePost-programming assessment administered to mentees 4th-8th grade focusing on beneficial relationships and Social Emotional Learning
  • Middle School Mentoring Steering Committee Survey: Administered to all steering committee participants focusing on using their voice, leadership development, and follow through.

We are grateful to participate in a community that understands the value of excellent qualitative and quantitative data, and thrilled to have new ways of listening directly to program participants and giving them a louder voice to help make Affinity Mentoring whatever it is they need it to be. Please do not hesitate to reach out to with any follow up questions, comments, or ideas.

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