Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month at Affinity Mentoring: Yanitza

Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month at Affinity Mentoring

Each year from September 15 to October 15 we observe Hispanic Heritage Month at Affinity Mentoring. Hispanic Heritage Month is an annual celebration of the diverse and significant contributions of Hispanic and Latinx individuals and communities to the country’s history, culture, and society. This time provides an opportunity for our supporters from various backgrounds to learn about and appreciate the rich heritage, traditions, art, music, and achievements of Hispanic and Latinx Americans, and it serves as a platform for promoting cultural diversity and understanding within our community.

Over the next few weeks, Affinity will be highlighting stories from our staff, board, and mentors about what Hispanic Heritage Month means to them. Kicking off the series is our very own Yanitza Valdez, Burton Site Coordinator.

“I am a proud Mexican and Puerto Rican individual. Hispanic Heritage Month for my family and myself is an ongoing celebration/lifestyle. We make sure to keep our culture alive by embracing our food, language/accent, and authenticity of our roots and backgrounds. This month is a reminder that there is beauty in every spice, music style, tradition, and language. I am honored to be a walking portrayal of who I am.”

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