Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month at Affinity Mentoring: Keyla

Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month at Affinity Mentoring

Each year from September 15 to October 15 we observe Hispanic Heritage Month at Affinity Mentoring. Hispanic Heritage Month is an annual celebration of the diverse and significant contributions of Hispanic and Latinx individuals and communities to the country’s history, culture, and society. This time provides an opportunity for our supporters from various backgrounds to learn about and appreciate the rich heritage, traditions, art, music, and achievements of Hispanic and Latinx Americans, and it serves as a platform for promoting cultural diversity and understanding within our community.

Over the next few weeks, Affinity will be highlighting stories from our staff, board, and mentors about what Hispanic Heritage Month means to them. We continue our series today by celebrating Keyla Araujo, Site Coordinator for Affinity Mentoring.

“I am from the Dominican Republic, I moved to the United States when I turned 7 years old. For me, it has always been important to remember and celebrate where I came from. I love my culture, the music, the food, and the people. I celebrate my culture alongside my husband and kids daily by speaking Spanish and sharing dishes typical of my homeland as well as enjoying our music, Merengue. During Hispanic Heritage Month, we celebrate the beautiful mosaic that is “La Comunidad Latina”. One thing we do around this time is gather at our church and celebrate the different countries that make up our congregation. We celebrate our uniqueness along with our similarities through the sampling of dishes from each country as well as dressing in our “Trajes Tipicos”. It’s a fun time where we share our heritage with the next generation, teaching them that our roots run deep and are nothing to be ashamed of but celebrated!”

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