One hour. Once a week.

Have you ever played soccer in heels? Played Lego Pirates on your lunch break? Do you know who Junie B. Jones is?  Whether you answered yes or no to any of these is irrelevant… the real question is: Are you up for the challenge? Mentoring is a mutually beneficial experience. Both you and your student’s worlds will expand as you enter into relationship with each other. You will play games, encourage self-confidence, read books, and help them start to explore who it is they can become.

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Due to our thorough security and background checks, the application process can take up to 30 days. Start your application today to get the process started and ensure you’ll be ready for mentor matching when the school year begins.

Read how we are transitioning to virtual mentoring for Fall 2020 in our COVID-19 Response Plan
Mentor Eligibility
  • Be at least 16 years of age
  • Participate in an interview and required training
  • Complete and pass the screening process [background check and 2 references]
  • Be an approved volunteer through the school district
  • Be faithful—participate in mentoring sessions at the school for one hour per week for one school year
  • Be a positive role model
  • Maintain a confidential relationship
  • Knowledge of basic math and ability to read at a middle school level or above
Looking for More Information?

Being a mentor can be a big decision as you’ll begin to play a very influential role in a child’s life. We’d like all of our mentors to feel confident and prepared entering into a partnership with Affinity Mentoring and their Mentee. Check out ‘What to Expect’ for more information on the preparation, matching process, and ongoing support of mentors.



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