Affinity Intern Spotlight: Lauren

April 2022

Lauren Enos, MSW Intern

Lauren Enos joined Affinity’s team in May of 2021 as the Masters of Social Work (MSW) Intern. Lauren is finishing her masters at Grand Valley State University this month. She earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Wagner College in New York City.

During her time at Affinity, Lauren has supported both the programming and administrative teams, honing her skills in:

  • Grant writing;
  • Program evaluation;
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion;
  • Youth development; and
  • Community partnerships

In addition, she served on both the Middle School Mentoring Steering Committee and the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Committee. Post-internship, Lauren has been contracted to lead Affinity’s DEI Committee.

“It is difficult to put into words what my experience at Affinity Mentoring has meant to me. I decided to pursue my graduate studies in my mid-thirties, as a recent Michigan transplant, with a 2 year old. I entertained being able to pursue my passion for identity development and mentoring, one that was sparked back in undergrad,” explains Lauren. “In preparing for joining the Affinity team as an MSW intern, I had no idea I would meet some of the most dedicated, compassionate and caring individuals. I am thankful for the time and opportunities Affinity has provided for me, but I am even more thankful to know that there are organizations filled with people that value caring for each other, making space for difficult times, and leaning into difficult conversations. Affinity has opened the door for me to explore my passions, and I am forever grateful,” she says.

In addition, Lauren will be presenting at the Midwest Interdisciplinary Graduate Conference (MIGC) and the Center for 21st Century Studies for her amazing website compilation of Anti-racism Resources for Education and Mentoring.

She has been selected for the Graduate School Citations for Academic Excellence in the Winter 2022 semester. This is an honor given by Grand Valley State University to graduate students who have been nominated by the faculty for Award for Excellence in Promoting Inclusion and Diversity at GVSU. 

Lauren also received the Diversity in Human Rights Award from the GVSU School of Social Work. We’re proud to be part of Lauren’s journey and grateful for the insights and initiatives she provided to our team. To learn more about our internship offerings, contact or see what’s available on our Careers Page.