DEI 201 Training for Mentors, Partners, and Team

This training is a 201 training; we highly recommend that if you have never attended any professional, intentional anti-racism training that you first attend the 101 training offered on 2/23 before attending this 201 training.

This training will be led by:

  • Christine Mwangi: CEO and Founder of Grounded In Equity, President and CEO of Be A Rose, member of the Affinity Mentoring Board of Directors, and KDL Director of Fund Development.

This is a brave, healthy, inquisitive space for us to dive deeper into how race impacts education in our community, and the individual and community level steps that we can take to support all students succeeding. We will have specific tools and ideas for how mentors can support their mentees.

We will allow up to 35 individuals to participate in person on a first come first serve basis. Individuals will also be able to choose to participate virtually, with a cap at 50 total individuals both in-person and online.

If you have any questions about this training, please feel free to contact Cassandra at We are grateful for the Steelcase Foundation whose grant has made it possible for this training to be free and widely available for AM partners.

New Diversity + Inclusion Workshop for Mentors

By Rachel Lopez

Affinity Launches “Learning and Growing Together Series”
A discussion on race, culture, and inclusion in the mentoring relationship.

The goal of this workshop is for mentors to grow in their cultural intelligence and ability to use their expanded understanding to navigate cultural, experiential, racial, and other differences with their mentees successfully.

This will be an engaging and interactive session that deals with topics such as: cultural intelligence, cross-cultural communication, implicit bias, and healing racism.

Our goal is that attendees will walk away with:

  • increased cultural intelligence
  • elevated morale and energy
  • better communication and problem solving strategies
  • empowered to be even more effective mentors

All current mentors are encouraged to attend one of the three following training dates [a meal will be provided] :

  • Wednesday, August 7th [5:30pm-8:30pm] at the Hispanic Center of Western Michigan 
  • Saturday, November 9th [9am-1pm] at Mars Hill Bible Church 
  • Saturday, February 8th [9am-1pm] at Mars Hill Bible Church 
  • REGISTER NOW [Mentors Only]

    About the Speaker
    This workshop will be led by Julian Newman, Founder/CEO of Culture Creative, who consults across the nation with organizations on the integration of cultural awareness. He is recognized as a creative and inspirational speaker/leader/consultant in the areas of organizational diversity and cultural agility initiatives. Julian holds a CQ Certificate through the Cultural Intelligence Center, is a certified facilitator for the Woodrick Center for Equity and Inclusion, a member of the Urban Core Collective Transformational Leaders Program, and was named to the Great Lakes Multi-Ethnic Regional Team to facilitate racial reconciliation and diversity training in Michigan faith communities.

    About the Series

    This series is part of Affinity Mentoring’s larger mission to be a more culturally responsive organization. Funds to provide this training were provided by Herman Miller Cares and Steelcase Foundation grants.