What to Expect as a Partner

What to Expect as a Partner

Since our partnerships are developed out of relationships, there are no two that are alike. We work individually with each partner to develop a mutually beneficial plan that accomplishes the most good for both your staff and the children in our community.

Overall, we look for our partners to invest in the community by…

  • Offering their employees the opportunity to be a Mentor or Volunteer
  • Volunteering for an event or community program
  • Making a donation or sponsoring an event
  • Covering a portion of the cost of employee/mentor match

This has been done in a variety of ways. Some of our partners are able to provide direct financial donations, while others support our partnership through in-kind donations, grant writing, fundraising, or pairing their matches with individual financial sponsors. We’d love to help you think through what could work best for your organization.

Here are a few stories from our current partners:




  • Aon supports employee’s weekly mentoring with time and treasure
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan partnership increases to 8 employees and renews commitment to pay half of each mentoring relationship
  • Gordon Food Service has over 60 employees that volunteer weekly and organization supports end of year events


Consider this your invitation to change the world—both yours and a student’s. As we expand, we are looking for new mentors and the financial support needed to make both the program and the relationships last for years. We would love to have your team join us in shaping this growing landscape.

The students are ready. The program is ready. Are you?

Contact us to begin the conversation.

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