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We are dedicated to being a support to the community as a whole. We work closely with the school staff, parents and community partners to recruit volunteers and gather resources to meet the needs of the school (i.e., coat drives, donations of school supplies, etc). Some of our partners are able to provide direct financial donations, while others support our partnership through in-kind donations, grant writing, fundraising, or pairing their matches with individual financial sponsors. Join us!

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  • Offers employees the opportunity to mentor
  • Volunteers for an event or program
  • Promotes Affinity widely in networks

  • Organization makes a financial contribution
  • Sponsors an event or program
  • Donates supplies or in-kind gifts
  • Advocates and financially supports
  • Offers employees the opportunity to mentor
  • Makes a financial gift or sponsors an event


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Our partnerships develop out of relationships. No two are the same. We work individually with each partner to develop a mutually beneficial relationship.

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