What to Expect

What to Expect

Wondering what it would look like to bring Affinity Mentoring to your school? Here is what our partner schools can expect:


  • Identify, solicit, and recruit volunteer mentor applicants
  • Manage programmatic activities including but not limited to development of policies and procedures, fund development, and case management
  • Oversee all operational activities including screening, training, matching, support and supervision, recognition, and closure procedures
  • Actively participate in the community school model by collaborating with the school and community partners [i.e., participating in Community School Leadership Team]
  • Coordinate one-to-one mentor and mentee matching
  • Train all program staff and volunteers about the Separation of Church and State
  • Manage all fiscal requirements including fund development, budget management, and fiscal planning
  • Periodically provide evaluation summaries of the project to all partners


  • The Mentor Center is the hub of all mentoring activity around a school and it is a core part of why our model is so successful. Having an Affinity Mentoring program staff on-site at the school relieves the school staff of the day to day program management responsibilities. Furthermore, having a place to land, find resources and seek support is key for our mentors and students. Therefore, in order to be an Affinity Mentoring site, the school must provide a dedicated space on the campus.
  • Identify appropriate students for referral
  • Advise on the academic needs of participating youth
  • Assist in providing program evaluation data for participating students including grades, attendance records, discipline records, and counselor and teacher reports. [Affinity Mentoring will ensure that all applicable releases of information are on file.]
  • Provide a contact person and maintain regular communication with Affinity Mentoring staff
  • Cooperate with Affinity Mentoring Program Director and/or designated staff

If you would like to explore bringing Affinity Mentoring to your school, please contact our Director at 616.406.3987 or info@affinitymentoring.org.

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